Higg Index Verification 

Verifying your Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM) self-assessment improves the credibility and comparability of your sustainability scores, giving you better information for benchmarking and goal setting. 

  • A General Specialist evaluates a factory’s Higg FEM self-assessment.
  • A Chemical Specialist verifier is needed if: 
    • Any chemical process is selected in the applicability except spot cleaners
    • A facility reaches Higg FEM Level 2 or 3 in the Chemicals section
What is the difference between Higg Index verification and a factory audit? 
Higg FEM Verification is not a pass/fail audit; it’s simply a means to verify you understood and answered your Higg FEM self-assessment questions correctly. There are no corrective action plans or follow-up visits.
SAC members are committed to using Higg FEM to evaluate facility environmental performance. Verified scores provide them the trusted information they seek, reducing the need for multiple, proprietary audits. 
Benefits of Verifying Higg FEM Self-assessment
  • Ensure your scores are accurate and comparable, so you can set goals based on benchmarked data
  • Reduce multiple requests for audits from your customers, saving you time and money
  • Share your Higg Index scores publicly (coming soon)

How do I verify my Higg FEM self-assessment?

  1. Contact a Higg FEM verifier in your region.
  2. Schedule a verification.
  3. Post your verified Higg FEM assessment (vFEM) to Higg.org by December 31.

How do I access my verified Higg FEM assessment?

Via email, your factory’s primary contact will receive a feedback form from Summera, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s verification program manager.

Visit the section about Higg FEM verification on HowtoHigg.org for more information.  

New Higg FEM Verifier & Trainer Programs

The SAC has launched new Higg FEM Verifier & Trainer Programs to enable transparency of the industry’s Higg Index facility performance. All official verifications of the Higg FEM must be completed by a verifier who has completed the application and training process. Industry professionals can apply to the programs to become third-party verifiers and trainers to Higg FEM facilities around the world. To learn more about the programs and apply, visit https://www.sumerra.com/sac/. Encourage your networks to apply to the Higg FEM Verifier & Trainer Programs. Schedule your Higg FEM verification today.